Local artisans

Hassah has 15 permanent crafters and artisans on board, but has the pleasure of working
with 25-30 non-permanent members on a yearly basis. All artisans are equipped with the
necessary tools required to create these exquisite works of art. Freedom of creative
expression is encouraged in our workshop, which also gives the artisans the chance to share
bits and pieces of their culture through the rich colours and textures of their work.
Creating an environment of free expression, and seeing the fruits of their labour, has given
each and all a hope for the future and the peace of knowing that they can provide for their
own and other’s needs.

Four of our staff members have given us feedback in their own words:

I am Linda Maura. I have learned so many things in this bead factory.
I understand the importants of bead making. I try and improve everyday.
In future I will not have enough money to support my family but also
want to own my own small bead factory.

My name is Sani Monene. I am 25 years old. I work into the factory.
I was looking for a job for a long time. I am happy because I know
how to do necklace. I support my mum and my sisters children,
I am rich in skills and try and learn something new everyday.

I am 35 years old.  Name Mantshi Helen Mokwena
I am starting work in factory 2004.04.12  I am happy to work jewellery,
because its teach me a lot of things.  I battled t get a job but now I can maintenance my family.  I pray the Lord erery day to help me.

I am Rita Sebokwana Moshabi from Sefitlhogo.  I am 29 years old. 
I work as Hassah where I have learn many things.  We are doing art and culture.
I have lean how to work with the colour wheel, making jewelers and to design. 
I was at home doing nothing and now I can do many things. 
I am prodly support my family and hop-e God will give us more blessings.