Hassah designing and manufacturing 4 pieces for the opening scene:
Miss World contest, South Africa, December 2008

Recently Hassah had the privilege of being approached by one of South Africa’s top fashion designers, Gerrit Pienaar of the Claris label, to design 4 signature pieces for the Miss World competition to be held in South Africa in December 2008. The brief from the organizers of the competition was – CONTEMPORY AFRICAN – a brief that couldn’t be more close to our own vision and design style. Gerrit’s vision came to life in the form of classical white dresses embellished by authentic black ostrich feathers and completed by our beaded jewellery, making bold statements in white, black and red. The four stunning ladies dressed are Miss Nigeria, Miss Nieu Zealand, Miss Namibia and Miss Netherlands.
Keep your eyes pealed when this competition reaches its climax in true style with the crowning ceremony held on the 13th of December 2008!!

Fashion designer Gerrit Pienaar with all four contestants: Miss Nigeria, Miss Netherlands, Gerrit Pienaar, Miss Nieu Zealand and Miss Namibia
Miss Nigeria
Miss Netherlands
Miss Namibia