Victor Nkuna

He explains his journey in pursuing his passion in his own words ...

“While at school I started to experiment with art by drawing pictures. I saw my dad doing art with mud and wood carvings and his sculptures inspired me a lot.

In 1999 I moved to Pretoria and started to work as a Security officer. There were many art places in Pretoria that I visited. I one day watched a television program with demonstrations on paper maché. Then I started to experiment and made a snake to see if I can do it. My friend sold that snake and I was surprised to see that I can make money with this. In 2002 I entered a local art competition and I came in at the top 6. I was happy because the people I competed against were people from Art Schools and I trained myself. This encouraged me a lot.

I worked night shift as a security officer and although I slept in the mornings, during the afternoons I had time to spend with my sculptures. I started to do sculptures of Nelson Mandela, someone I can really look up to, and sold them at the Zoo or the Union Buildings. I also did a sculpture of FW de Klerk with the Nobel price. There were vendors that sold my art on the streets of Pretoria, but I did not always get my money from them. People brought me pictures of different people that they wanted me to do a sculpture of like their old grandfathers or friends.

My brother met a gentleman who became a good client by buying my sculptures and selling it off. He then introduced me to the Hassah Arts and Crafts Centre at Fahad Private Game Reserve. I came to the farm to pursue my dream as an artist. I now have a future as an artist. At the farm I found that I can now be a real artist as I can concentrate on my work. My work is now being marketed in a professional manner and being showed around the world. I have exported some of my work to America, and in South Africa, big companies such as Sanlam (with keen interest in good South African artists), bought 3 pieces. Today I have upgraded from a street art seller to a professional artist”.

All statues are made by the artist himself and they are al made from
recycled egg cartons and other paper products. No casting of any nature.
No two pieces are the same and the painting done on Madiba’s shirts are copied from Madiba’s own shirts.
Statues come with a serial number.