Hassah is exited to launch our latest product: our Shwe shwe shoes! Why Shwe-shwe?
Shwe-Shwe (pronounced: seshoeshoe) 

Unlike many African fabrics, seshoeshoe was never culturally specific. Thought most believe it was named after the founder of the Sotho nation, Moshoeshoe the Great, others say its name derives from the 'Shwe-Shwe' sound of skirts rustling while dancing. Either way it has formed an integral part of Sotho, Twana, Zulu, Xhosa and Swazi cultures.

Through its widespread usage it has emerged as the most sought after South African cloth.
Our Shwe-Shwe shoes are made from a locally manufacture 100% cotton Shwe-Shwe material. This material is the 'Crème De La Crème' of all Shwe-Shwe materials.

Printed skirts and dresses are very popular amongst our Black Xhosa South Africans, whereas the decorated skirts are popular with all Black South Africans. The interest shown by other South Africans and Foreign Tourists is on the increase and has become a proud ambassador of South African textiles.

Seshoeshoe fabric is the last thing that most foreigners would associate with African dress—it is a stiff, heavy fabric that is usually brown, blue or red, and is printed in intricate designs. Some designs are reminiscent of Litema patterns found on Basotho rondavels, or traditional thatched-roof mud walled homes. This fabric is usually tailored into dresses that are reminiscent of British colonial dress, with wide skirts, tight waists and puffy sleeves. These dresses are widely popular with middle-aged women, yet young South African women are reclaiming the fabric as their own and creating unique, contemporary clothing lines.

Hassah now offers trendy but stylish shoes of this fabric to compliment any outfit. These eye-catching designs are versatile and although it compliments any smart outfit, it also adds pizaz to any smart casual look. Your jeans will definitely LOVE these hand made shoes!

Sizes available from 4 – 8

Shwe Shoe 01
Shwe Shoe 02
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